Do you want to see your code create real change?

As part of our team and together with our experienced developers and mentors, you can change the way we get paid for our work. 

Develop yourself

By working with our two developers Eric & Mattias, you can learn from two mentors with experience ranging from Huawei to building a gaming engine.


And as an early member of our team of, you will be involved and have a say in everything from feature-discussions to overall product strategy.

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Work with the newest technology 

Use principles such as TDD, event sourcing and microservices to build a platform that brings employees transparency and control over their work.

As a developer at PayZlip, you have a chance to move an entire legacy-market by working cross-stack with both our React frontends, our mobile Flutter applications and our microservices and APIs, written in Nest.js. 

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Change an entire market


Work is changing. We might want to sit at the beach, have multiple jobs or only work project based. The tools used to report and compensate work need allow this new way of working. 


That's why we are building PayZlip. A simple and flexible solution that turns around the focus and puts the employee first. If you want to be an early team-member and join our jurney, contacts us today! 


Here is Eric talking a bit about how we work...


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